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Many studies take place on the International Space Station that improve lives on Earth

With a growing distrust in both science and the government (something I discussed in one of my earlier blog posts about the Flat Earth Movement), NASA is one government agency that comes under a lot of fire these days. With many in politics hoping to slash the NASA budget or cut the agency entirely, it is crucial for everyone to talk about why NASA is so important. NASA’s impacts can be divided into two main categories. The first are the concrete impacts. These are the projects that directly help our world. While many see NASA only for landing men on the moon, exploring mars, or sending spaceships deep into space, much of what they do are projects that benefit our society directly in some way. You can check out some of their current projects here. The second impact is the far more abstract idea of exploration. In the 60’s we put men on the moon, and this century we have reached other planets. We swim deep into the ocean and travel to places we have never been before. NASA is at the forefront of human exploration to a much larger degree. Its important for many reasons, both abstract and concrete, to continue funding and believing in the work that NASA does.


2 thoughts on “Why NASA?

  1. Love the tie-in to your previous blog post on the Flat Earth Movement! I most certainly agree that NASA has somehow become a punching bag recently and it must be preserved as the essential resource that it is.


  2. NASA also contributes to astrophysics research by launching space telescopes which take tons of terrabites of data that are used to analyze galaxies in our local universe: properties like galaxies masses, luminosities, shapes, colors, and many more! Institutes like this are so important for the understanding of our universe and further steps of human exploration


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